the team

Our focus is Personal Care, Art Therapy and Cleaning Services. 

Hume Region offers Gardening Services and Home Maintenance

Meet Jodie


Jodie started HandyBelles three years ago when she finished singing with Opera Australia. She wanted to create a company that worked for the whole family. Three years later HandyBelles has a team of 40 ‘Belles’ and ‘Beaus’, all in employment that enables them to put their family first. Employees can work between school hours if they need to be at the school gate for their kids. This allows a good work/life balance which is a priority for HandyBelles.


Jodie herself is a mum of two young girls. When she’s not overseeing the policies and procedures at HandyBelles HQ, she can be found in front of the easel painting portraits in oil. She has a passion for all things artistic. She is also a keen calligrapher and a conducts The Cobbitty Community Choir every Wednesday night. Every year Jodie and her Choir perform at ‘Opera in the Barn’ at Denbigh, a yearly charity concert Jodie inaugurated in 2018 to raise funds for local Macarthur-based charities.

Meet Susan

Operations Manager

Susan has been the owner of a family business for over 30 years, managing both staff and customer service.


Susan will be the client’s and Support Co-ordinator’s first point of contact with HandyBelles and she takes great pride in ensuring that their needs are met. Susan takes the time to match the right HandyBelle with every client so that they have a positive and caring experience.


An 'open door’ policy is something Susan strongly believes in. She encourages our clients to contact her with any problems as soon as they arise so that they can be dealt with sensitively and efficiently.

Meet Kurt

Manager of Hume Office - 0414 612 919

Kurt is a proud northeast local who enjoys making life just that little bit easier for his HandyBelles clients. 

He is a qualified Electrician and computer expert but what really motivates him is the freedom and excitement of operating his own business and the satisfaction that comes with really helping people. 

Kurt first came to the Albury region as an apprentice in the army in the early 90’s. After living all over Australia, he and his wife Kelly (Jodie’s twin sister) were drawn back to the relaxed pace of the Northeast and now enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of the region with their two teenage children.


Meet Abigail

Art Therapist

Abigail met Jodie 4 years ago when their daughters were in the same dance class. At the time Jodie was starting her business and Abigail was doing her studies and training to become an art therapist. They spent many hours chatting away and sharing their interest in art. They both recognised the power of art as therapy. They have joined together and are excited about the opportunity to bring art therapy to the local community.

Registered art therapist and member of ANZACATA.

Born into a family of art lovers, Abigail understands the importance of exposure to art is early in life.

Abigail has been involved in her husband’s photography business for the past 20 years and enjoys working with a large range of people from different backgrounds, traditions and beliefs.

For the past 4 years Abigail has been running school holiday workshops at local libraries focusing on the process and the well-being of the participants. Abigail is passionate about creating a safe and contained space to encourage creativity and the freedom to express feelings through art making.

After completing her training as an art therapist she decided to expand her knowledge about mental health, age care and dementia care.

Interest: Textile art, watercolours and photography. Passionate about the importance of mental health and early exposure to art.

Meet Yvette

Team Leader

Yvette has been working with HandyBelles from the very beginning as both a gardener and a domestic cleaner so she has a great understanding of our clients' needs.

Yvette’s role with us has now evolved and she has moved into the position of Team Leader.


Yvette will be doing a Meet and Greet with all our new clients and answering any questions they have about their Service Agreements and the services HandyBelles can offer them.


Being team leader, Yvette is also responsible for popping in and checking on our HandyBelles to ensure our services are of the highest standards.


With a background in Law, a Graphic Arts Degree and a strong commitment to her local community, Yvette has the broad range of experience necessary to engage with people from all walks of life with both compassion and respect. She is also a Justice of the Peace, should any of our clients need that service.